HGH Spray

People have been using Human Growth Hormone (HGH) therapy for at least fifty years. HGH is a hormone generated in the pituitary gland that produces somatomedin from the liver causing is vital as we mature and grow. It is a natural product of the human body but its production diminishes as we age. Consequently, HGH therapy has been found to combat the aging process. HGH therapy has been proven to the convert of body fat to lean muscle mass, promotes tissue regeneration and growth, boosting energy and vitality, to retaining bone strength and improving brain function. If all of this is true, the human body would retain high energy levels as we head into our advancing years. In turn, we would heal as quickly as we did in our youth, maintain strong elasticity in our skin and ward off the extra pounds of fat.

The two of the delivery systems used to ingest HGH have been pills and shots. Both, however, have their drawback and issues. HGH shots contain a synthetic version of HGH that has been found to have adverse side effects. Additionally, these types of treatment are expensive and require a doctor's prescription. The disadvantage of pills is that the absorption rate into the blood stream is less than 10% while objections to the shots are cost. The delivery system that appears to be the most beneficial are HGH sprays which has been marketed for about ten years and is gaining in popularity.

An HGH spray is absorbed through the tongue and oral tissue immediately upon contact; the supplement goes directly into the bloodstream without dilution. The spray eliminates dosage ambiguity due to the nature of direct control and how much is applied. An effective HGH spray contains no synthetic HGH. Rather, it contains a series of amino acids, growth factors, and the essential vitamins that have been shown to stimulate the pituitary's natural production of HGH. These active ingredients cause the pituitary gland to continue to produce HGH regardless of age assisting the body in replacing aging cells with new ones. Hair is thicker; the immune system is improved with fewer bouts of illness; bones become stronger and cholesterol levels decrease.

Since a HGH spray does not contain synthetic forms of HGH and is considered a supplement, there is no prescription required. Although, caution should be used when determining what supplement is best for you and instructions should be followed closely. Numerous other companies also claim to have a homeopathic product; however, it is wise that a potential customer question whether raw materials have been subjected to purity testing, if the final product is inspected by the FDA, if it complies with international standards and is properly tested before leaving the facility. If all is in order, a HGH Spray appears to be the method of choice for a visit to the fountain of youth. For more information about HGH spray, visit www.hghspray.org.

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