IGF-1 Spray

Athletes and bodybuilders are constantly looking for new ways to boost their performance and enhance their body. For years, many athletes have been turning to a hormone called human growth hormone, or HGH. HGH is a hormone that plays an important role in human growth and development. In the average adult, HGH levels begin decreasing around 20 years of age, which leads to aging, loss of muscle mass and increased body fat.

While most athletes know how important HGH is to human growth, many do not know that the hormone also stimulates the production of other compounds inside the body. One very important compound is a protein called human growth factor-1, or IGF-1. IGF-1 is created in the liver as a response to HGH.

Like HGH, IGF-1 enhances muscle growth, prevents the breakdown of protein and aids in tissue repair. This compound is also capable of transporting protein to the cells and stimulating white blood cell production, which boosts immunity. Although IGF-1 must be supported by HGH, researchers have found that the compound is even more powerful than HGH. IGF-1 does not just increase muscle mass; it also benefits the liver, skin, kidneys, cartilage and many other areas of the body. Scientists are finding that supplementing IGF-1 can enhance the strength and health of almost every bodily system and tissue.

Why IGF-1 Spray is Catching the Attention of Top Athletes?

IGF-1 spray is quickly becoming the go-to supplement for athletes and body builders. Unlike steroids and other supplements, IGF-1 spray will not cause hypertrophy, or an enlargement of the muscle tissue. Instead, IGF-1 causes a process known as hyperplasia in the muscles. Hyperplasia occurs when the muscle fibers divide and increase in numbers. This does not just make the muscles larger and stronger, but it also decreases recovery time.

The reason why athletes are using an IGF-1 spray instead of taking pills is because this method increases absorption. When a person sprays IGF-1 inside his or her mouth, the active ingredients are absorbed into the blood stream. This helps users bypass their digestive system, which is capable of destroying IGF-1 and rendering it unusable. Also, unlike steroids and other substances, IGF-1 cannot be detected through urinalysis testing and is legal to use.

The Active Ingredient in IGF-1 Spray

IGF-1 spray is an all-natural, over-the counter athletic supplement. They contain bio-identical IGF-1 derived from the soft velvet coating that forms on the antlers of male deer. Although it does not come from a human source, the body treats this IGF-1 like it was produced naturally.

Once IGF-1 enters the body, it will begin increasing cell regeneration, tissue growth, organ performance and enhance overall health. Athletes will also notice an increase in their strength, endurance and the size of their muscles. As long as athletes choose a high quality supplement, they should notice improvements within a few weeks.

One supplement that many athletes are having success with is AntlerX. AntlerX is an IGF-1 spray that contains pure antler velvet collected from the antlers of New Zealand red deer. These deer are believed to produce the most potent antler velvet and deliver the greatest supply of IGF-1. While there are many IGF-1 supplements available, few contain the pure, high quality ingredients found in AntlerX.

For more information on how AntlerX can improve your IGF-1 levels, visit them at www.antlerx.com.
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