Using HGH Sprays

The human body exists in a never ending cellular state of either growing, or dying. For the first twenty years that we live, our bodies are building themselves up; growing, advancing, and easily rejuvenating themselves. During this time, our bodies produce a high amount of a specific hormone, HGH, or human growth hormone. This hormone is produced in and released by the anterior pituitary gland of our brain. HGH is the hormone that allows our bodies to replace damaged cells, repair injured muscles, and more. In short, HGH keeps us healthy and young, so that even as we age, we continue to look and feel our best.

Unfortunately, the aging process takes its toll on our body's production of HGH. In fact, by the time we reach our twentieth birthday, we begin producing less human growth hormone. HGH production begins to sharply decline around age 40, which is why so many of us begin to notice wrinkles, vision problems, skin blemishes, lowered energy, and other signs of aging around this time. By the time we retire, our production is cut in half. This decreased production gets even worse as we continue to age. Knowing that this lack of HGH causes our sagging skin and fatigue, researchers have spent decades learning how to put HGH back into our bodies, helping us hold on to the energy and looks of our youth throughout life.

Many HGH supplements are available on the market. Most of these do not actually contain HGH, they contain various ingredients designed to help our body's naturally create more HGH on their own. This stimulated HGH production can help keep our muscles working hard, and our skin taught, having us feeling healthier and revitalized. Many of the active ingredients in popular HGH supplements are natural, and much less stressful to the body than the steroids that are sometimes prescribed to push the pituitary into HGH production.

Many HGH treatments are available by prescription only, and involve injecting actual or synthetic HGH into the body. These prescriptions require not only time consuming and expensive doctor visits, but also painful injections, as most prescription HGH is administered subcutaneously. Some companies have tried over the counter supplements in pill form. Many of the ingredients of these supplements are similar to those in prescription medications, and indeed have the capacity to increase our HGH output. However, research has found this pill form to be an inferior delivery mechanism, because the strong acids in the stomach break down the active ingredients before they can be absorbed into the bloodstream.

Now, scientists have discovered a new, much more effective method of putting specialized age-stopping ingredients straight into the human body, where they can immediately begin increasing HGH production. This new delivery method is an oral HGH Spray. With this oral spray, a person simply squirts the HGH supplement onto the inside of their mouth, where it is absorbed through the lining of the mouth. These oral sprays contain the building block amino acids of the body's own natural HGH molecule. Many of the most popular HGH sprays like Sytropin combine these amino acids with powerful growth factors and homeopathic HGH for better results. The ingredients are able to penetrate this mucous membrane almost immediately, bypassing the stomach acids. This negates the need for direct injection to get the components into the bloodstream. There, they can immediately go to work encouraging the anterior pituitary to produce higher levels of HGH. This natural HGH then works with the body to encourage cell regeneration, resulting in a healthier feeling, and younger looking, person. For more information about improving your health with an HGH Spray, visit

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